Interior Designers – Tips for Working

Tips for Working with Interior Designers

Do you want your home to look good while being comfortable and functional? Then read on for tips for working with Interior Designers

Mark Wooller's art is available for sale and rent at Mobile Art Gallery

Install photo. Painting: Measured Sphere by Mark Wooller

Good Interior Designers will help you create the home you have always wanted. Interior designers help by pulling aspects of colour and texture together while also knowing how to alter the flow and feel of a room. This results in making your home not only beautiful but functional.

Interior Designers turn people’s homes into dreams come true on a regular basis. This means they have an impressive knowledge base to make your home or workplace suit your requirements. Interior Designers also have a lot of resources and suppliers to help you choose the right furnishings the first time.

Art in the Home

Interior Design is the art and science of enhancing interiors.

Buying or renting art is a great way to create and enhance the atmosphere while also increasing the resale value! Getting an Interior Designer to help select artwork for your home can transform what were once ordinary features in a room into sensational and beautiful qualities.

Interior Designers know just the way to turn that awkward corner into something to be proud of.

Here is an arrangement with a painting by Ruth Cole which was displayed at Designers Collection. There is a lot of blue here which complements the furnishings. Because colour is the unifying factor in the arrangement, the different textures, tones and brush strokes become prominent in the painting.

Working with interior designers - Mobile Art Gallery

Installation at Designers Collection. Painting: Rocky Shore by Ruth Cole

 Examples of Paintings in Context

Mobile Art Gallery works with Interior Designers to put artwork in context to help you choose the right art work for your home. This happens either in their homes, through digital insertion, or at the Designers Collection’s.

How to Choose Art and Working with Interior Designers

Colour, structure and style are a few of the many things to consider when working with Interior Designer. In the process of trying to find art to decorate your home or workplace, remember to consider what you love along with aspects of the room you want to improve. This gives tremendous insight into how to make your home and place of work perfect.

Working with interior designers - Mobile Art Gallery

Home Install. Painting: Red Studio 1 by James Ross

Starting a discussion with an Interior Designer could be “what it is about the colour you like”. Is it because it is bright, warm, or because it reminds you of a smell, taste, texture, object, or memory?

A friend of mine loves soft pink, the important word there is ‘soft’. She was looking for pink things to decorate her home with but remained disappointed. I suspected that she did not really want to cover her home in the same colour, so we chatted for a while.

For my friend it was a conversation around the associations present when she saw soft pink, so we played a bit of a word association game. She was only allowed to describe to me in single words what she associated with a colour sample I held up such as; light, fluffy, delicate, soft, sweet (the list goes on)

This tells us about how important art and interior design is and that when we like something it is not always for its aesthetic values. It can be because it reminds us of moments, feelings or loved ones. My friend doesn’t have a house decked out in soft pink as she thought she would and she is happy about it. Rather her home is filled with colours, patterns, and motifs that build off some of the keywords she associated to ‘soft pink’.

Working with an interior designer who will listen to your requirements and whose work you admire is essential.

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