Libby Mitchell

Libby Mitchell is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Aotearoa. Having completed an Advanced Diploma of Visual Art in Melbourne, Australia, she now travels New Zealand as a landscape artist, taking inspiration for her Art from the bush and her time working as a landscaper in Northland. She captures the sense of serenity within immersive landscapes, bush-scenes and New Zealand wildlife through colourful paintings, intricate charcoals, thought provoking photography, mixed media and installations.

Libby’s style has developed over years spent circumnavigating Australia and Aotearoa, constantly taking note of her surroundings and the variety of landscapes. She associates her colour palette with smells, sounds, memories and emotions.

Libby has developed her most recent series of paintings from numerous outdoor sketches and panoramic photography, capturing the essence of the Northland bush. Having spent much time exploring New Zealand’s stunning bush, forests and emotive landscapes, Libby draws on these calming native surrounds for her inspiration. Her strong affinity for colour has her working intuitively and confidently with an extensive palette and strong brush strokes that together have become a signature of her work.