Vibrant Visions – The Influence of Pop Art in New Zealand

Abstract - The 80's Pash by Christian Nicholson

Pop Art emerged in the 1950s and 1960s as a vibrant and rebellious art movement that sought to blur the boundaries between “high” art and popular culture. Originating in the United Kingdom and the United States, it drew inspiration from advertising, comic books, consumer products, and mass media, reflecting the post-war era’s burgeoning consumer culture.…

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A Guide to Hiring Art for Your Home

Hiring Art for Your Home

Having art in the home offers numerous benefits that extend beyond mere decoration. Firstly, art serves as a powerful tool for aesthetic enhancement, transforming a mundane space into a visually stimulating environment that can elevate the overall ambiance and appeal of a room. Moreover, art allows for personal expression, enabling homeowners to reflect their unique…

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Exploring the Vibrant Palette: New Zealand Abstract Art Dynamic Canvas

Abstract Painting - Love by Lorraine Rastorfer

Abstract art is a dynamic and multifaceted genre that defies conventional representation, opting instead for a visual language that transcends literal interpretation. At its core, abstract art is characterized by a departure from realistic depictions, favoring a focus on the intrinsic qualities of line, shape, color, and form. By stripping away the need for recognizable…

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Hiring Art in Callenging Economic Times

Hiring Art in Tough Economic Times

In challenging economic times, businesses and individuals seek innovative ways to manage costs without compromising on quality or aesthetics. One such solution gaining traction is the practice of hiring art, which offers several compelling benefits: Cost Savings; Flexibility; Access to Diverse Artwork; No Obligation of Ownership. Here at Mobile Art Gallery, we offer a wide…

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Why Hire Art for Your Spaces

Why Hire Art For Your Spaces

Importance of Aesthetics in Your Corporate Space Aesthetics play a pivotal role in corporate spaces, significantly influencing the overall atmosphere and perception of a company. Thoughtfully curated aesthetics can convey professionalism, creativity and attention to detail, leaving a lasting impression on clients, visitors, and employees alike. By creating visually appealing environments, corporations foster a sense…

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Guide to Renting Art: Things to Know Before You Rent

Art Rental - Rent Art

What Should I know Before I Rent Art? While most people have sound reasons to hire art, what they don’t know are the tricks of the trade and the risk areas that some art galleries won’t tell you. Here are a few points to be aware of; Don’t get tied into a 12-month fixed-term rental…

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Can I Rent to Own Art?

The gallery and our artists offer, in special cases, a time payment option. Time Payment for Your Artwork When choosing art, it is often advantageous to rent before the decision to purchase, so that when making a final decision, you are totally comfortable with your choice.  Once you make that choice to buy, you can…

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Famous Artist’s Painting Quotes

Gerhard Richter on Paitning

Gerhard Richter – Painting Quotes Painting quotes by famous artists are always interesting to read as they represent a short but thoughtful representation of value and what drives the artist. Gerhard Richter who has had a long career, has much to say about painting and the art world that he captures so well and in…

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Colourful Abstract Artist – Constanza Briceno

Constanza Briceno

Abstract Artist Constanza Briceno – Methodical Disorder Constanza Briceno, born, raised and educated in Santiago de Chile, art has always been a part of her life. At 8 years old she was painting with oils but was unable to continue painting with them in her university years. The nature of making art within an institution demanded…

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