Width: 90cm x Height: 90cm
Price: $2200
Available for hire

Artist Bio

Rebecca Hawthorn

With qualifications and a background in design, Auckland artist Rebecca Hawthorn swapped a career in the fashion industry to pursue her art dream full-time in 2018.  She paints dramatic large-scale portraits, and vibrant depictions of flowers and nature. Rebecca’s work is influenced by a love of moody atmospheres, her fascination with the evolution of humanity, and the beauty of the natural world.  Whether she is painting portraits or florals these themes are woven through her work.  Her love of dramatic and atmospheric spaces often set the tone for her paintings; this is evidenced in her dominantly monochromatic colour palettes with vivid hues laid over or scratched back into her work, adding texture and layers.   Rebecca’s portraits are of her daughter, and their intimate connection is revealed through her expressive portrayal of the eyes.  These works explore aspects of femininity, expectation, and growing-up in today’s media dominated world.  They are intentionally intense, and slightly confronting, a little like looking into the sun.

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