Art Supplies Auckland

art supplies auckland

Where to buy Art Supplies Auckland – Art supplies Auckland can be found in a range of locations offering a wide range of products for both professional and hobby artist. Gordon Harris Established in 1975 by Gordon and Ann Harris, they have an impressive range of art supplies and are well worth a visit if…

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New Art Web App Transforms the Way People View Art

Art Web App Mobile Art Gallery in Mt Eden, Auckland, has launched an exciting new free art web app that enables a user to visualise a selected artwork from the gallery, on their own wall, or a sample wall.  ‘We developed our art web app because we were finding that many clients wanting to hire…

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Art Galleries in Auckland

Auckland art Gallery

Auckland offers a wide range of art galleries to suit every taste, style and budget. You’re spoilt for choice with over 100 art galleries within the greater Auckland metropolitan area.  This reflects the huge diversity of the city’s culture, offering artists ranging from those who focus on traditional painting to those who produce art that…

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Large Paintings in your Home

Large Paintings

Large Paintings in Your House Large Paintings are too bold, too expensive, and too hard to hang.  Do any of these comments sound familiar? Read on to put your mind at rest. Looking at a large painting can often make one feel intimidated, particularly when viewed on a gallery wall. Often people worry that the…

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What’s the “big deal” with Abstract Art?

Why Abstract Art?

  What’s the “big deal” with Abstract Art? Do you admire abstract art, but don’t know why?  Abstract art looks like “nothing”… You may look at it and think “a child did it” OR It doesn’t look like it took long, how is it worth all that money? Do any of these comments sound familiar?…

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