Tina Ross

Tina Ross

Tina Ross is a New Zealand artist who enjoys drawing, abstract and contemporary landscape painting.  Her work is unique, one painting will often generate ideas for the next artwork.

Tina was born in Masterton in 1967. She lived in Wairarapa until the age of 24.

Art was a happy hobby for Tina. She was encouraged by a couple of outstanding teachers who had a great effect on her creative journey. "Night Moods" by Tina Ross


Her first job was in the printing industry as a photo-lithographer. This helped with precision measurement, an understanding of colour and developed a steady hand through the regular use of a scalpel.

While raising two boys, she experienced a diverse range of part time jobs. During this time she lived in the Wairarapa, Wellington, and Christchurch.  She also picked up a camera, a budding photographer was born. Composition, colour and an eye for detail were honed over these years.

In 2008, Tina Ross enrolled in a year long full time Interior Décor Course at Christchurch Polytechnic. There she learnt to understand the elements of design. This added more depth to her creative field.

When she moved to Auckland for a change of scenery, she started “Tina time”.  She continued to follow her heart and was able to learn different ways to create.

Tina loves to grab her opportunities when she can.  She uses her kitchen bench as her studio in her small Auckland apartment.  Her works can take many directions before the final product emerges: She uses layering, process, experimentation and mood in this journey.

“I often start a piece with an end in mind yet I’m always surprised at where I finish”

Examples of Tina Ross’s artwork are available from Mobile Art Gallery

Mobile Art Gallery is located at 23 Edwin St, Mt Eden, Auckland. 09 630 6432