Rebecca Tune

Rebecca Tune

Rebecca Tune was born in Auckland surrounded by art from a young age.  Rebecca’s father is renown painter Geoff Tune.

Rebecca studied art history for two years at Auckland University before changing to a Fine Arts degree. Once she graduated Rebecca Tune  Rebecca Tune attended Teachers Training College and then taught art at secondary level for three years.  She has been in many solo and group exhibitions. Rebecca has won the Mt Eden Young Artist Award four times. She has exhibited with her father.

Artist Comments

Rebecca Tune says of her work “my art is a layering of surfaces that emerge, float and then sink away as another layer slowly rises.

I am interested in paint and its application. The many ways paint can be manipulated, rubbed and layered to hide and then reveal images and movement beneath its surface.

I like to seduce the viewer initially with the overall flash of colour and binding image. To then draw the viewer in closer so they can explore and discover smaller pockets of interest within the work – secrets that sink beneath the surface as the viewer moves away.

Wrapping these ideas of paint and the layering of surfaces is a long standing interest in fabric. The lux of fabric with its seducing colours and designs.

Threads moving in the breeze…The weft and warp of thread that stretch and pull allowing hazy images to be seen through its interlocking surface.”

Examples of Rebecca’s work can be viewed at Mobile Art Gallery in Mt Eden.