Lorraine Rastorfer

Lorraine Rastorfer Abstract Artist

With painstaking exactness, Abstract Artist Lorraine Rastorfer has found a way to work paint so that it spreads across the canvas like a draught. Her large graphic canvasses are like snapshots of textiles caught in motion.

Techniques Lorraine Rastorfer

In intensely physical painterly gestures, each painting is groomed into shape, requiring a full body sweeping action. Like Jackson Pollock she works with the performative element and the viscosity of paint.

There is a definite process of application of layers and then movement of layers. Each painting suggests ideas of unravelling meters of textiles such as decaying shawls, or old matting, or ancient wedding trains. They are worn and dissolving; the fibres are breaking apart from wear and tear as threads within threads give way.

With Rastorfer’s works the viewer is pulled into the play between the tangible and the intangible in an ever unfolding visual incident.



Examples of Lorraine’s work can be viewed at Mobile Art Gallery.  Click here for contact details or to make an inquiry.