Lindsay Antrobus Evans

NZ Artist – Lindsay Antrobus Evans

Lindsay Antrobus Evans was born in Australia and moved to New Zealand in 1992 – residing mostly in the Hokianga. He is a mixed media sculptor.

His work investigates, through a variety of media and an indulgence in the tactility and sensuousness of the actual making, themes of transcendence desire and culpability. He often references the male condition as a starting point, evoking a universally human state and unearthing a melancholic resonance.

Lindsay has a range of experience, spanning the landscape technical drawing department of Wollongong University to attending bookbinding short courses and furniture making. Lindsay’s approach to art flows from a close involvement with process and material. For Lindsay the development of a work is something to get lost in.

The ability of sculpture to mimic the real and for it to play out various representations is of interest to him. Lindsay explores this through his sculptures by investigating when it acts as symbol versus representational.