Kristian Lomath

Kirstian studied at Ilam School of fine Arts in Canterbury. He has experience running a community Gallery in Rotorua and working at The Incubator Gallery in Tauranga.


Kirstian’s paintings have evolved over the years. From traditional methods of painting, to landscapes constructed from conceptual interior motives. Moving away from representational painting meant that there was room to be more expressive and emotionally involved. Applying thick gestural oil paint with moving brushstrokes captured the essence of the landscape as appose to the look of it.

His paintings are mosaic-like, immersive. Their meditative quality comes from natural geometric forms, and the precision in which these forms flow.  Though some may appear random, there is a mesmerising consistency that resembles natural structure and interconnection.

Kristian Lomath

His artworks are reflections of a personal experience with the landscape. They are building connections between micro and macro structures in a pattern, full of energy and commitment. A viewer can get lost in one of Kristian’s paintings. Some of his works may resemble the radiating glow of autumn leaves against the grass, and others may seem like the view of the tops of trees being moved by the wind in constant motion, never settling.

His paintings once viewed become an interactive experience. At first glance we recognise familiar shapes, patterns and colours. In the same way as something coming into focus, Kirstians paintings start to correlate as that landscape he was envisaging.


Examples of Kristian’s work is available from Mobile Art Gallery, 23 Edwin Street, Mt Eden, Auckland