Julie Whyman

Julie is an established artist based in the Waikato region of New Zealand.  While where she lives remains a constant source of inspiration, she also enjoys the Coromandel.

Through Julie’s paintings, it is clear she is attracted to vibrant colours and the forms of nature. Julie’s artwork is representational of nature and she undertakes to share the beauty she sees with others.

She uses a variety of mediums ranging from acrylics to Indian ink, creating patterns and blending colours to find natural forms to trace with Indian-ink. Original Art for Sale or Hire

Julie often experiments with different styles of painting. Some of her paintings mimic a surrealistic approach; merging people with the land and animals to convey the interconnectivity that she sees.

She also actively pursues developing her skills by accepting portrait commissions so she refines a different set of skills.

Julie’s work can be described as tranquil and calm, making them the perfect addition to a home.

Her art is available for hire and sale at Mobile Art Gallery, 23 Edwin St, Mt Eden, Auckland.