John Niland

John Niland

Born in 1952, John Niland had an interest in art and music at an early age.

From 1975 to 1985 he was active in the Wellington music scene and became a highly regarded keyboard player.  John started “Eelman Records” in the early 1980s.

A move to Nelson in 1983 saw John continuing his career as a solo pianist and composer.  While he was there he began to learn the art of pottery, throwing and hand building clay, and using various glazes. John Niland

In 1985 he moved to Australia with the intention of studying jazz piano and instead ended up gaining a position to study ceramics at the National Art School in East Sydney.  He was awarded a Diploma in Art (Ceramics) in 1989.  John furthered his art studies at the College of Fine Arts through the University of New South Sales, which eventually lead to an honours thesis and graduation in 1999.

Since 2000, John has experimented with collage work, coloured pencils, digital photography and ceramics.

Most of John’s art work is produced as sketches in small notebooks.  Occasionally, as time permits, he produces larger works on canvas.  His works are bold, free and colourful.  The viewer can see the wind blowing through the trees and almost feel the heat of the sun through his gestural forms on the canvas.

Examples of John Niland’s artwork can be viewed at Mobile Art Gallery, 23 Edwin Street, Mt Eden, Auckland.