Geoff Noble

To intrigue and captivate the viewer, I take images out of context, juxtaposing over bold, sometimes rendered or patterned backgrounds. Dynamic compositions reflect my need to paint realist subject in a more abstract way. Over 20 years of painting in my studio has led me here.

Not wanting to be a realist painter, I have searched for ways to convey my ideas in a surreal way, yet still incorporating aspects of realist application and techniques, such as landscape and human form. Bold colours, often bright and happy, or at times creating a sense of tension, help expose the core subject in each piece. The subject relates directly to inspirations in my life such as family, music, the environment (especially the ocean) and I often also weave social commentary and modern urban culture into the paintings.

I enjoy showing action in the subject, and have a passion for the figurative form. A simple movement can say a lot; a face with expression, a moment captured in life as if standing still in time. Some of my paintings are subrealities with a joyful mood, to evoke happiness in the viewer through colour and composition.

Daily studio practice is high on my priority list. Starting with raw material and making my own board and canvas supports allows me to maintain control of formats, sizes and surfaces. Once base-coated I apply my background. As it is the foundation of the piece, background is important and can essentially create the mood in the painting. Sometimes I will use pattern and work the background a lot, to create texture and depth, other times if the subject is strong, I will leave the background simple and minimal to achieve the right balance. I then apply the images, making sure that each process from underpainting to topcoat is flawless. As I like clean lines, using top quality paints is also important in this respect to get the desired silky texture or a crisp and lasting quality finish.

Having an internal drive to always improve, I dedicate my time to the exploration of technique so that there is a constant progression to my work. Art is my biggest passion. Through the use of color and composition my goal is to evoke happiness in the viewer.