Denice Symons

Denice Symons

Denice Symons studied at Elam University of Auckland and gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1986.

Still based in Auckland, Denice is interested in portraying the Pacific cultural mix which is prevalent in the Auckland region.

Artwork Denice Symons

The context of Denice Symons’ work is based on geometric patterns within ethnic societies. This was sparked by her time spent in Africa.  On her return to New Zealand, Denice pursued her interest in Maori art by studying tukutuku panels. She has used this geometric structure in conjunction with mixed media and collage throughout her work.  Aspects of the natural environment and landscape are a prominent factor in her work. Colour and surface texture are used to reflect her interest in natural elements.

Most works are in low relief panel form using acrylic paints on board. Collaged elements such as paua, dyed flax and tapa are incorporated into some works.

Examples of Denice’s art can be viewed at Mobile Art Gallery, 23 Edwin Street, Mt Eden, Auckland