Daniella Hulme

Daniëlla Hulme

Daniëlla Hulme is a well-known self-taught full-time artist based in Auckland, NZ. Her works reflect the union of two cultures, her own Dutch heritage and her husband’s Samoan he Daniëlla Hulme ritage. Themes of Pacific navigation, ideal utopian celebrations of Pacifica and living in idyllic settings to the urbanisations of cultures, the need to respect cultural differences and the pressures to maintain cultural identities underpins her work. Daniëlla uses strong, bright colours and clearly delineated, stylised motifs which are reminiscent of Pacific Islands’ Tapa cloths

Daniëlla has been involved in numerous group and solo shows both in New Zealand and abroad since 1998. Her work is included in many private and corporate collections. You can rent her art at Mobile Art Gallery.

In 2006 her work was bought by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, New Zealand Embassy in De Hague, Holland.

Over the years her work has regularly featured in published calendars, diaries and various magazines.

Daniëlla has been a finalist in the Waitakere Licensing Trust Awards, Norsewear Art Awards, Goldwater Art awards and many more.

During 2007, Daniëlla was commissioned to create a large triptych by His Excellency Governor- General Anand Satyanand to be given as gift in a formal ceremony from New Zealand to the Tokelau Islands. She has also been commissioned by His Excellency Governor-General Anand- Satayanand to create the official Xmas card for Government House in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

She is a featured artist in “New Zealand’s Favourite Artists” Volume 1 by Denis Robinson.


Examples of Daniëlla’s work can be viewed at Mobile Art Gallery in Mt Eden.