Claire Erica

Claire-Erica (1971) is a self-taught contemporary realist painter living and working in Matakana New Zealand.
Born to English parents and growing up in South Africa, she arrived in New Zealand 20 years ago.
Claire has developed a life long commitment to wild life, landscapes and native studies. The daughter of a professional British Photographer and her mother a potter, sister an accomplished artist. Claire paints intuitively and at times doesn’t know where it comes from, somewhere within.
This award winning artist is easily recognised for her attention to detail and unmistaken painting style. Mixing traditional painting techniques with her own unmistakable contemporary style.
Her personal photographic observations of the natural environment, she draws ongoing inspiration and enthusiasm to capture the detail and essence of the wild birds of New Zealand.
Claire-Erica’s diversity of mediums encompassing a wide variety with attention to being environmentally aware and the longevity of the pieces. The use of archival cotton canvas is specifically prepared for the fine detailed brush strokes.

Her recognition in private collections is complimented with commercial large paintings, statement pieces establishing herself as a successful Artist in New Zealand.
Represented by a number of galleries throughout New Zealand Claire-Erica continues to push the boundaries in each collection of works; this commitment sees many clients return to her work.