Alan Gould

Alan Gould

Alan Gould

Alan Gould is an emerging artist who works and paints from his studio in Auckland.


For most of his life, Alan worked in the building and construction industry and during that time came to develop an appreciation and love for the myriad of textures in a variety of common building materials.  The various shades and textures found in concrete are often seen in his works on canvas.

The weathered surfaces of metals such as copper and the natural process of decay that these materials go through, are all observed through his artistic eye.  In them he finds a beauty which is often missed by others.


Painting on his own, without the influence of others, has enabled Alan to completely develop his own artistic style and he captures colour, texture and imperfections using a variety of mediums.  He is largely self-taught, although he has taken various courses to further his knowledge of mediums that he now incorporates into his artwork.

Alan tends to paint on large format canvasses as he finds these less restricting when creating his artwork.

Examples of Al’s artwork can be seen at Mobile Art Gallery, 23 Edwin Street, Mt Eden, Auckland.