New Zealand Landscapes in Art: Past, Present and Future

Autumn Lake Pukaka at Mt Cook

Landscape art celebrates the beauty and majesty of the natural world. It includes a wide range of artistic expressions from realistic depictions to abstract interpretations, allowing artists to convey emotions, evoke memories and inspire contemplation through their portrayal of landforms, scenery and environments. We will explore NZ landscape art and uncover its diverse styles and…

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Two New Zealand Landscape Painters

New Zealand Landscape Woods (in situ) by David Gibbons, landscape painter, paintings of Otago New Zealand and regions of England.

David Gibbons‘ and Jill Perrott’s Approach as Landscape Artists A basic understanding of landscape painting is that landscape painters create art that holds depictions of natural scenery, but what else? When looking at NZ landscape paintings there is a variety of styles and understanding of representing nature that not everyone shares. While some landscape artists capture with…

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