Guide for Renting Art: Things to Know Before You Rent

Art Rental - Rent Art

What Should I know Before I Rent Art? While most people have sound reasons to hire art, what they don’t know are the tricks of the trade and the risk areas that some art galleries won’t tell you. Here are a few points to be aware of; Don’t get tied into a 12-month fixed-term rental…

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Famous Artist’s Painting Quotes

Gerhard Richter on Paitning

Gerhard Richter – Painting Quotes Painting quotes by famous artists are always interesting to read as they represent a short but thoughtful representation of value and what drives the artist. Gerhard Richter who has had a long career, has much to say about painting and the art world that he captures so well and in…

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What are the Advantages of Hiring Artwork

Changing the art Many offices (and residential clients) like to regularly ‘refresh’ or swap out their artwork. In an office environment new artwork makes the office space interesting and “fresh” for both customers and staff – rather than looking at the same artwork year after year. Post purchase trial For both corporate and residential clients there…

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Colourful Abstract Artist – Constanza Briceno

Constanza Briceno

Abstract Artist Constanza Briceno – Methodical Disorder Constanza Briceno, born, raised and educated in Santiago de Chile, art has always been a part of her life. At 8 years old she was painting with oils but was unable to continue painting with them in her university years. The nature of making art within an institution demanded…

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