Julie Allen

Julie Allen

Julie Allen is currently based at Mt Maunganui, New Zealand.

Julie’s story is consistent with most creatives, born with lifelong commitment to art and working her personal drive with survival in the modern world.

Her first career was in advertising and marketing where she partnered and apprenticed with some key people and transferrable skills allowed her to live in Germany, Italy and UK. She eventually set up her own award winning business (Under the Sun Ltd) specialising in Kiwiana, premiums and incentives for industry, working with Asian factories, supplying major chains and contracted to McDonalds for some years designing Happy Meal products).  The early days of the internet allowed Julie to work from a home office, and buy and sell her designs and products internationally. She painted throughout these years, with a plan to let art take centre stage at some point.

A natural break in her life, and a move to a property with a large shed, provided the studio and the opening to fine art that she knew one day would come. Julie has now been painting with purpose since 2001, concentrating on simplifying the New Zealand landscape, people, floral and feelings based abstraction.

​Continuing to enjoy an international perspective, Julie travels often, meeting up with other established artists in remote locations.


Examples of Julie’s artwork can be seen at Mobile Art Gallery, 23 Edwin Street, Mt Eden.