Selling Artwork : Tips from a Gallery

Selling Artwork Tips to Sell your Art So, you love making art and would love to make a living from it, but selling artwork can be difficult. As a gallery that is built on the renting and selling of art, we have 3 top tips for you. Selling Artwork Top Tip #1: Finding the right Gallery…

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Colourful Abstract Artist Constanza Briceno

Constanza Briceno

Colourful Abstract Artist Constanza Briceno | Methodical Disorder Colourful Abstract Artist Constanza Briceno, born, raised and educated in Santiago de Chile, art has always been a part of her life. At 8 years old she was painting with oils but was unable to continue painting with them in her university years. The nature of making art within…

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Two New Zealand Landscape Painters

New Zealand Landscape Woods (in situ) by David Gibbons, landscape painter, paintings of Otago New Zealand and regions of England.

Two New Zealand Landscape Painters David Gibbons‘ and Jill Perrott’s approach as landscape painters A basic understanding of landscape painting is that landscape painters create art that holds depictions of natural scenery, but what else? When looking at landscape paintings there is a variety of styles and understanding of representing nature that not everyone shares. While some landscape painters…

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Interior Designers | Tips for Working with Interior Designers

Interior Designers |Tips for Working with Interior Designers Do you want your home to look good while being comfortable and functional? Then read on for tips for working with Interior Designers Good Interior Designers will help you create the home you have always wanted. Interior designers help by pulling aspects of colour and texture together while also knowing how to alter the flow and feel…

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Painting and Photography

Painting and Photography Why Paint? What better way to start talking about Painting and Photography than to look at the festival of photography. The Auckland Festival of Photography has prompted a question that has haunted painters for a long time… why paint? Particularly when it can take seconds to capture something with a camera. One of the wonderful things about art…

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SIZE MATTERS! Tips for selecting the right artwork

SIZE MATTERS | Colours of India diptych | NZ Contemporary Painting | Art Sale | Art Rent

SIZE MATTERS!  Tips for selecting the right artwork So you have created a lovely home – but still have lots of empty walls. No matter whether it’s an original artwork or a canvas print, any designer will advise you that adding the right artwork to your room will enhance your décor, bring out the accent…

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The Importance of Artwork in the Office

Are your office walls screaming; “I don’t care?” In today’s competitive environment, there is a focus on creating work environments that will entice the best and brightest employees. Bare walls look sterile and boring, while those with bright and exciting pieces of art make an otherwise unremarkable office come to life with character and personality.…

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