Mark Cowden

Mark Cowden

Mark Cowden works across a range of artistic media from photography through to kinetic and optical art. He likes to explore the increasingly blurred boundaries between photography, design, traditional art and technology. He is constantly experimenting and often mixes materials & techniques from the various disciplines to create his work.

Mark is particularly fascinated by the relationship between: the artist, the artwork, and the viewer. What the artist sees and what the viewer sees are separated by time, geography, culture, personal perspective, and in the case of Mark’s Multiplanes even the angle the artwork is viewed at effects the relationship.

While Mark has not formally been trained in art and photography, he has worked for many years in marketing and advertising, and his work has been featured and published throughout the world  Mark Cowden image on behalf of his various clients.

He has lived in the South Island of New Zealand all of his life. The world renowned qualities of the landscape and light have been huge visual influences for him. Mark loves to travel with his camera, seeking inspiration in new lands, and he is lucky to have visited many places from Alaska to Antarctica, and a lot in between. However, returning home he is always reminded of the purity of light and the power of the NZ landscape that so many of us take for granted.

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