Lisa Ormsby

Lisa is an established artist based in Otorohanga, New Zealand.

Lisa has exhibited her art in group shows and art events throughout New Zealand since 1998. She shares her passion for art with her four children and enjoys networking with fellow artists.

She is self taught, developing skill and ability through years of exploration and practice.

Lisa specialises in acrylic and mixed media paintings. She maintains her own sense of style and uniqueness while evolving her art practice. The natural world  is her reference point and inspiration, using colour to capture energy and rhythm. Her paintings are an abstract impression of her surroundings and travel around our beautiful Aotearoa. She paints intuitively, producing varied abstract glimpses into the colour, forms and shapes she finds interesting and inspiring.

Lisa’s art is an opportunity to see the natural world through her eyes, where the beauty of the rock out shines the diamond.