Kirsty Black

Kirsty Black

Bold vibrant colours, simplistic in shape and form are what make up Kirsty Black’s paintings.

Her work captures the impression of something rather than a detailed reality. Being emotionally swayed through her travels abroad to Asia and South Africa, Kirsty emanates qualities of culture and identity in her paintings.

Taking out identifiable subject matter and reusing shapes, line and colour is what rein her works into familiar territory. We usually come to identify a place or person through visual representation, yet Kirsty brings this to us by use of these repetitive themes.

Not only do her paintings capture the idea of a place, they also challenge our perception of view. In a body of work Kirsty plays with the idea of how insects might see the world.  Our typical human nature is to view things from an internal perspective, Kirsty’s paintings humble us. We get to see how pleasurable it is to view things from different angles and not just our own.

Kirsty has exhibited in national and international group and solo shows. Some of her works are held in collections all over the world including the well-known James Wallace Arts Trust.


Examples of Kirsty Black’s work can be viewed at Mobile Art Gallery, 23 Edwin Street, Mount Eden.