Galina Kim

Galina Kim is an established and award-winning artist based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Renowned for her abstract contemporary acrylic and mixed-media works, Galina has exhibited widely in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and her works are held in private collections, both nationally and internationally. She is also in demand as a workshop instructor in New Zealand and Australia, and tutors privately from her home studio in Christchurch.

Galina Kim Extensively educated, Galina transitioned from music into visual arts, and holds a Master of Design from the Kiev College of Industrial Art, and a Master of Fine Arts from the Lvov Academy of Applied Arts. Her final studies focused predominantly on textiles, and this influence is evident in her richly-textured, visually tactile style that is distinctively her own and for which she is recognised.

Immigrating to New Zealand in 1996, Galina has been deeply inspired by the land, people, stories and communities that make up the fabric of this country — her home. Her life has always been a layering of cultures, however, and this is reflected in her art, sometimes consciously and always subconsciously. She draws on her background and experiences, technically and conceptually, and layers meaning, mood, energy and emotion as masterfully as she does colour, texture and medium. This results in works that capture the past, the present and, somehow, the future; her work is timeless. You can come and hire captivating art of Galina.