Clive Jepson

Clive is Auckland born and has always had a passion for all things Art.

He spent 20 years teaching art at Intermediate School level. He has also tutored classes at the Uxbridge Art Centre.

Clive has always been interested in various mediums of art. His early works include painting landscapes on the Northwest Motorway (before being politely asked to move by the police) along with pen and ink drawings of houses, buildings and people.

Clive has always had a love of birds and this sparked his next period of art with his “Cut out” NZ native birds on MDF following into his Shell collection in the same format.

Clive wanted to progress with his bird collection by now moving to canvas. He loves working on make the birds come to life!

This is Clive’s first foray into exhibiting his art.

Clive Jepson