Charlotte Hird

Charlotte Hird finds inspiration from all over the world and in the beauty of nature.

“I try to find time to paint everyday and love the process of making art”.

Watercolour painting is Charlotte’s favourite medium and she loves the way the water and paint move and change on the paper to create magic. Capturing the magic of light and colour in a painting is challenging and satisfying. Every stroke of the brush is exciting. Every drop of water brings unexpected surprises. There is beauty to capture everywhere I look in the light on the planes of the face or dancing on the water. I continue to experiemnt with different techniques and materials and am never short of inspiration. I am always thinking about how to mix a colour in nature and how to compose a scene. It really is a great way to spend my time and brings such joy.

In 2018 Charlotte worked as an architectural drawing teacher in a Themed Environment Design degree course in Wuhan, China. She returned to NZ in 2019 to work full time as an artist. She has been teaching drawing and perspective workshops to artists to help create spatial depth in their paintings.

In 2019 Charlotte won a merit award at the Kapiti Art Show for Wuhan waterlillies. In 2020 she won a merit award at Watercolour New Zealand annual Splash exhibition for Pencarrow and she also won best painting in a exhibtion to raise money for Red Cross.

In March 2020 Charlotte had her first solo exhibition at Bowen Galleries, Wellington. She has been busy exhibiting and selling art at Thistle Hall, Mitchell Studios and Kiwi Art House  and NZ Academy of Fine Arts,. She also has been teaching at Wellington Art Club and Wellington High School night classes. In 2021 she teaches water colour painting at Inverlochy House.

I worked for 40 years as a Graphic Designer in Wellington then in 2011 I joined Wellington Art Club, Watercolour New Zealand and The Academy of Fine Arts.

In 2020 I joined the committee of Watercolour New Zealand and enjoy planning and organising events and exhibition. I was elected President of the Wellington Art Club which keeps me involved on a daily basis with artists and events.

In 2020 I became a full time artist and teacher with various courses at Inverlochy House: Watercolour Edges and Washes for beginners, Next Level Watercolours, Watercolours for Teens in April School Holiday programme

This year I teach two subjects at the CEC Wellington High night Classes: Drawing and Painting a Portrait and Watercolour Basics

On Thursday evenings I teach drawing and watercolour basics at Wellington Art Club.