Bill Snider

Bill Snider Abstract Artist

Bill Snider abstract artist, studied art at the University of Colorado and received a BFA in 1969.  He currently resides in Boulder, Colorado. During the winter months in Colorado he travels to his studio in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand where he enjoys the summer painting and travelling the country with his wife.  Bill’s world is always warm and it’s been a while since he lived through a winter.

He works on several paintings at once, constantly going back over them, “making his mark”, scratching and sanding layers and using a variety of methods to create highly expressionistic works which combine painterly finesse with a strong graphic element.Bill Snider abstract artist

Artist statement: “The universe is a moving, spinning place ….. I have always been drawn to things that conveyed this energy. As a university student focusing on kinetic sculpture, as a filmmaker and now as a painter, this kinetic energy is central to my work. I build up layers of paint, combine metallic elements and play them off against hard-edge graphics to keep this movement alive in a dynamic built on contrast and juxtaposition.”



Examples of Bill’s work can be viewed at Mobile Art Gallery in Mt Eden. Click to view address and gallery opening hours