Anna Killgour-Wilson

Anna Killgour-Wilson

Anna Killgour-Wilson graduated from Auckland University with a degree in Photography in the 1980s.

With a love of nature it was a natural progression for Anna to focus on a career as a photographer for a gardening magazine for a few years.

Anna Killgour-Wilson Mobile Art Gallery Inspiration

A fascination for flowers drew Anna into macro photography where the images start to look abstract when form and colour are enlarged beyond the normal.  This developed further and finally a change from small to large format photography started to emerge.  From this, Anna’s “Botanic” series of photographs started to grow.

Flowers are often shot against dark backgrounds so the viewer can focus fully on the beauty and delicacy of each petal and leaf.

Anna is drawn to flowers which have a sculptural element such as the wide open petals of magnolias to the hard and unusual structures inside a lotus flower. The translucent delicacy of petals from a peony or rose are all captured through her amazing talent behind the lens.  All hold endless interest and appeal with their form and shapes.

Examples of Anna’s work can be viewed at Mobile Art Gallery in Mt Eden.