Anna Jepson

Anna Jepson – Artist

Anna Jepson has been painting for well over two decades, initially inspired by attending art classes. She has exhibited and sold through various galleAnna Jepsonries and group shows in the Hawkes’ Bay where she paints from her home studio.  Many of her pieces are displayed in private collections throughout New Zealand.

Anna’s work was selected for the 1994 Norsewear Art Awards and the 2006 Adams Portraiture Exhibition in Wellington.

In 2002, Anna completed a Fine Art Diploma in Painting and drawing and she continues to explore further study opportunities.  Anna was accepted into the Charles Cecil Portraiture Atelier in Florence, Italy, and studdied there in the Summer of 2016.


Anna says of her work, “the human form plays a decisive role in my work, I enjoy painting on a larger scale – working with oils on stretched canvas, alternating between abstract and realism”.  She draws her inspiration mainly from life, and her passion for the human form.

Anna Jepson says that travel gives her a big perspective and a huge appreciation of what the great masters created. She reflects on “Rodin’s obsession with the human form which allowed him to create such vulnerability and passion from stone.  I enjoy and understand anatomy and find it challenging confining my forms into an abstract backdrop, rendering a figurative sense of harmony with the human body’s relationship with space and light. I aim to capture from the pose a sense of tension taking it from a three dimensional form and accurately transforming it into a two dimensional space on canvas. I want my work to draw the viewer in consciously, allowing a chance to deliberate and consider, and hopefully form a conclusion.”


Examples of Anna Jepson’s  work is available for sale and hire from Mobile Art Gallery, 23 Edwin Street, Mt Eden, Auckland