Mobile Art Gallery App

This FREE app allows you to view artwork on your own wall or in preset rooms. Available for both Apple and Android devices …

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Download instructions on using the APP (pdf)

This APP allows you to see  artwork in preset rooms OR  on your own wall from your mobile phone. There is also a web app available from your PC once you have selected an artwork image from our website.

Need help downloading the Mobile Art Gallery APP to your phone?

Click here for Apple instructions   Click here for Android Instructions


Mobile Art Gallery APP Instructions

Your art selection and how you view the art can be modified through the TOOLBAR

Art List

Select art from the home page through BROWSE ARTWORK or SEARCH ARTWORK

Browse Artwork

This feature allows you to search artwork by artist.  Clicking the Artist’s “artwork” button will show you the artwork we currently have in stock for that artist.  Please note, this is updated daily and ALL artwork we have in stock shows on this page.  When you see art you like, click to view artwork name, size and price.

Click +ADD TO LIST to put this artwork onto MY ART LIST.

Search Artwork

Four filters can be applied to search for specific artwork; colour, price, width and height.

  1. Colour – Click the colour tab to show colours at the bottom of the screen.  Scroll through colour options and click DONE.
  2. Price – Slide  left and right buttons to set minimum and maximum price
  3. Width and Height – Slide left and right buttons to set minimum and maximum size
  4. Click SEARCH


Send an email enquiry about any artwork showing on the APP.

View on Wall

“View on Wall” allows you to see what a painting looks like on an actual wall.  You can view your selected art against our sample walls, or you can take a photo of your own wall.

Use your finger to move the artwork to your ideal location.

Change Room

  1. Select TOOL icon
  2. Select CHANGE ROOM
  3. Select DEFAULT ROOMS (preset rooms)
  4. MY ROOMS (the rooms you have photographed and saved)
  5. Scroll through room choices
  6. Select room of your choice to make it the active room

Photograph My Wall

Use this option if you wish to use your ACTUAL wall to view artwork.

Photograph My Room

  1. Select PHOTOGRAPH MY ROOM from toolbar.
  2. Holding camera device horizontally, take a photo of the wall.
  3. Select RETAKE  or USE PHOTO.
  4. Resize Wall – In order to resize artwork correctly, the APP needs to know how large your wall is.  Move the two markers so the centres of each cross are one metre apart – keeping them on a horizontal line.  (Put markers on your wall one metre apart before you photograph your wall if you have difficulty estimating one metre).  Click OK when you are ready to reposition the markers.
  5. Move markers one metre apart – keeping them on a horizontal line.
  6. Click CONFIRM SIZING on toolbar
  7. Reposition artwork on your wall using your finger.  Do not resize artwork – it will already be showing to scale if you have put markers one metre apart.

Using Room Photographs

To locate a photo you have previously taken of a wall:

  1. Select TOOL icon
  2. Select CHANGE ROOM
  3. Scroll to bottom of list – your photographed walls will be saved here under MY ROOMS
  4. Click photographed room you wish to use, to make it active
  5. Click TOOL icon  to remove toolbar.
  6. Reposition artwork using your finger

Wall and Floor Colour

Create your own wall:

  1. Select TOOL icon
  3. Click SELECT FLOOR STYLE and choose from options showing
  4. Scroll through all colours to find your colour choice.
  5. Click TOOL icon  to remove toolbar.

Angle View

If the photo you have taken is at an angle (such as a hallway) where you are unable to stand square on to take the photo, you can use ANGLE VIEW to change the perspective.  Simply move the slider left and right to change angle of perspective.


Clicking ROTATE button will rotate artwork 45 degrees to the right.

Note: if you change the room setting, the artwork will default back to its original position.


Clicking RESET will reposition the artwork back to its original size and position in relation to the wall measurements.